Think Spring: Your Guide to Spring Cleaning

April 18, 2023

It’s spring cleaning time! Here are a few tips, do’s and don’ts when it comes to items you’re cleaning out. 

Plant Trays and Garden Pots: When looking to get rid of garden pots and trays there are a few rules. Rigid plant pots or containers are able to go in your recycling bin. The largest size of rigid plastic we can take is a five-gallon bucket. Flimsy four or six pack trays do not go in your recycling bin.

Scrap Lumber: These cannot be recycled, but there are places you can take them to be reused (such as pallets) or chipped to be made into mulch. Check out the recycling and waste directory at Please note that treated lumber must be reused or thrown in the trash. 

Gas and Oil: Do you have old oil or gas that you’ve drained from your lawnmower and don’t know how to properly dispose of it? Putting these in the trash, on the ground, or down the drain can pollute or even cause a safety hazard. Take advantage of the Kent County Department of Public Works SafeChem program. Stop by one of our five disposal sites during the open hours and rest easy knowing your household hazardous wastes will be disposed of properly.

Mowers and Grills: Getting rid of an old mower, trimmer, grill, or other bulky items? These can often be donated or taken to a special recycling drop-off. Scrap metal can be dropped off at our North Kent Recycling and Waste Center as well as our South Kent Recycling and Waste Center. You can also use any local commercial scrap metal recyclers. If your old tools happen to be electronic (or even just cords), they can be dropped off at the North Kent Recycling & Waste Center, South Kent Recycling & Waste Center, or the 1045 Wealthy Street Electronics Recycling Drop-off during SafeChem hours. 

Old Yard Signs: If you are looking to dispose of corrugated plastic yard signs, you’re in luck! These can be put in your curbside recycling. If the stand is plastic it needs to go in the trash and if it’s metal, you can dispose of it with any scrap metal. 

Check out our new Spring Cleaning Recycling Guide, browse our website’s Waste & Recycling Directory for your specific item, or contact us directly to get your questions answered.

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