Stand-By for Severe Weather at South Kent Landfill

September 27, 2019

9/27/19 3:05pm — Kent County Department of Public Works (KCDPW) is currently tracking a severe weather system approaching the southern portion of our county, where our South Kent Waste & Recycling Center is located. Although, the working face of the landfill can stay open during a rain events, KCDPW will not allow refuse disposal when lightning is present in the area for safety of our workers and the waste haulers.

We will keep you updated here, as well as on our social media platforms, as to whether or not disposal operations will shut down and when they will resume. If you plan to head to the landfill, first, please check our South Kent Landfill webpage or our Kent County Department of Public Works Facebook page for any official closure announcements. Thank you for your understanding and patience as safety is our top priority.

9/27/19 4:43pm — The severe weather threat is over and operations and open hours will resume as usual at the South Kent Waste & Recycling Center.

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