Kent County DPW publishes a series of videos and tips to help you become a top notch recycler! It’s called our “Recycle Right” campaign and we hope these tips answer some lingering questions you may have when it comes to your recycling cart. Let us know if there’s a question you’d like answered during our series! We post them on Facebook and on our YouTube channel.

Recycle Right #10: Aerosol Cans

Recycle Right #9: Spring cleaning and your recycling bin

Recycle Right #9: What really happens to the plastic you discard?

Recycle Right #8: Books & Notebooks

Recycle Right #7: Shredded Paper

Recycle Right #6: Textiles

Recycle Right #5: Paper Envelopes with a Plastic Window

Recycle Right #4: Plastic Shopping Bags

Recycle Right #3: Recycling-Friendly Holidays (Valentine’s Day)

Recycle Right #2: Recycling During Celebrations (Super Bowl Sunday)

Recycle Right #1: Steel Food Cans