Paris Ridge Elementary – 4×6 Panther Board

April 6, 2016

Paris Ridge2 - Panther BoardGroup Work  –  Recycling Responses:

What does recycling mean?

  • to process items such as glass, plastic, newspaper, aluminum and tin cans so they can be used to make new products
  • to reduce the amount of things you can use and to reuse things
  • to save paper, glass, styrofoam, and cardboard from being thrown away
  • to not throw trash on the ground
  • to keep our planet clean and reuse stuff. Trash workers take our stuff from the end of our driveways. They take items to the recycling center instead of throwing them away.
  • to keep our planet clean by processing old stuff such as cans, glass, plastic and newspaper
  • to make used things into new things

What does it mean to reduce using something?

  • to decrease something in size, amount or weight
  • if we use scrap paper instead of new paper it is reusing something
  • use the front and back of a paper to reduce the amount of paper used
  • an example is using less paper. It saves trees and the amount of trash we have.

What does it mean to reuse something?

  • it means to reuse something again like a plastic spoon
  • we can reuse clothes
  • it means to use something again and again like clothes and water bottles
  • you can reuse cans, paper, plastic and shoes
  • to use something over and over again like plastic cups and forks, clothes and water bottles
  • we can use plastic forks again, plates, water bottles, clothes, and grocery bags
  • you can reuse old cars
  • if we reuse stuff we won’t make the trash places bigger

Why should we reduce, reuse, and recycle? How does it help? Who does it help?

  • it helps save trees and animals’ homes – especially the earth
  • it helps everybody, and we should do it because it keeps the world clean and it would not smell so bad
  • it helps keep the earth clean. It helps save animals’ homes when new landfills don’t have to be built
  • it helps animals to not choke on trash, and you don’t cut down as many trees
  • it helps animals’ habitats, and helps keep our world clean

What types of things can be recycled?

  • we can recycle cans, paper, glass, plastic, plastic cups and silverware, polystyrene :)/styrofoam, newspaper, cardboard, aluminum, and tin cans

How can YOU help the earth?

  • I can recycle more and not throw away stuff that can be recycled
  • we can keep the earth clean
  • we should not litter
  • we can recycle, reduce and reuse! And pick up trash
  • recycle paper, plastic cups, glass, cans and polystyrene
  • we can pick up litter

What are some interesting facts you have learned about recycling?

  • it takes 500 years for an aluminum can to biodegrade at a landfill
  • it takes glass 3,000 years to break down
  • recycling is fun
  • if you do recycle, you help the earth
  • if we recycle paper we won’t have to cut down so many trees
  • forty-three thousand tons of food are thrown away in the United States each day
  • fourteen billion pounds of trash is dumped into the ocean each year
  • every ton of paper that’s recycled saves seventeen trees
  • you shouldn’t burn styrofoam due to the fumes
  • we can melt plastic and glass and make new things from them
  • styrofoam never biodegrades
  • plastic never biodegrades
  • paper biodegrades the most easily
  • when you recycle things, they can get melted and made into new things
  • New York City alone throws out enough garbage each day to fill the Empire State Building
  • all the people in teh United States throw out enough garbage each day to fill 100,000 garbage trucks
  • sixty-five billion soda cans are used each year

Recycled Materials: letters – recycled Styrofoam sheet from construction material; panther – plastic sheet, recycled from making signs; blades of grass – toilet paper/paper towel rolls; background (blue) – recycled from 5-gallon water bottles; sun – recycled twine/string; eyes – ping pong ball and reused AA batteries

Non-Recycled Items: clouds – prime resin used to make film for plastic bags; tempura paint; pipe cleaners; LED lights; wire and battery connectors; wood glue/Elmers glue; 4×6 board; polyurethane spray; polyurethane foam – glue; hot glue; 4 decking nails; green highlighter; black Sharpie

Artists: Entire 2nd Grade Class

[secondary submissions from the same school]

Paris Ridge - Train

Project Title: Train

Recycled Materials: paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, milk caps, boxes, oatmeal cream pie box, goldfish cracker box, paper, Kleenex boxes

Non-recycled Materials: pipe cleaners, hot glue

Artists: Mrs. Vandenbrand and Mrs. Harmens’ ASD and Kindergarten students

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