North Kent Landfill Water Testing

January 30, 2018

The Kent County Department of Public Works (DPW) began discussions with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) in November regarding tannery waste disposed at the North Kent (Ten Mile) Landfill in the 1980’s. Disposal of tannery waste at the County-owned landfill site was in compliance with State and Federal regulations at that time.
The MDEQ tested monitoring wells near the landfill in December for PFAS and provided results last week. Results indicate combined PFOS/PFOA in three monitoring wells exceed the State of Michigan drinking water criterion of 70 ppt. Findings in the tested wells ranged from non-detect (less than 1 ppt) to 237.4 ppt.
Our primary focus now is to make sure individuals using groundwater in the proximity of North Kent Landfill have their wells tested and receive bottled water until we know more about the water in their wells. All testing done thus far has been on County property at North Kent Landfill. Testing will be coordinated as soon as possible at no cost to the property owners. Though there is currently no data indicating movement of these contaminants away from the landfill property, DPW is coordinating delivery of bottled water to approximately 47 homes and businesses south and west of the landfill as a precaution until sampling can be completed and test results can be interpreted.
Kent County DPW will work with MDEQ in the coming weeks to determine what steps to take to remedy the issue.
Darwin Baas, Director 616.632.7919
Molly Sherwood, Environmental Compliance Manager 616.632.7934

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