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Medical Sharps & Needles

How can Kent County Department of Public Works help?

Explore the waste stream options below for how you can reuse, recycle, compost, or dispose of the item you are trying to get rid of through a KCDPW facility or service.

Donate or Reuse
Special Collection Recycling
Proper Disposal

Depending on the condition of the syringe or medical sharp, there are some Community Disposal Outlets listed below that can repurpose new and unused products.

Once used, medical sharps should never be shared or reused. See the Proper Disposal tab on how to responsible get rid of your needles and medical sharps!

Needles and medical sharps cannot be composted.

Needles and medicals sharps SHOULD NEVER go in your curbside single-stream recycling cart as the can injury or harm a sort line worker or waste hauler.

DO NOT place sharps inside a milk jug, laundry detergent jug or other container as they easily can pop open, spilling all of the medical sharps.

Special Collection Recycling does not apply to medical sharps disposal.

Responsibly dispose of your used needles, lancets, and other medical sharps through Kent County’s FREE SafeSharps Program. The link can provide you with more program details including when and where to pick-up and return your free sharps container.

DO NOT flush any medical sharps down the toilet/drain or throw them in the trash as it could have detrimental impacts on public and environmental health.

Improper disposal of needles and other medical sharps, including tossing them into the trash, can to lead to a variety of severe problems for our community members and the environment surrounding us.

These problems include but are not limited to drug abuse/addiction, overdose, death, contamination of our waterways, additional clean-up and processing costs for municipalities, and overall poor human and environmental health. Only by disposing of these medical sharps properly, can we keep our friends, family, community, and environment safe.

Community Resources

Below you will find businesses and community outlets that may accept this item/material.

American Medical Response
517 S. Division
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Accepts full approved sharps containers from residents (no businesses) of Kent County.

Learn More

MedPro Disposal

Offers a mail-back program which provides a USPS approved sharps container, returnable shipping box with prepaid postage, and a proof of destruction manifest.

Learn More

Rapid Green Group
2972 Sangra Ave SW
Grandville, MI 49418

Provides shredding, medical waste disposal, solid waste disposal and recycling options for businesses and other organizations.

Learn More

Sharps Compliance, Inc.

Offers a mail-back program which includes container, postage, tracking, and destruction verification.

Learn More

Waste Management, Inc.

Accepts compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), batteries, household electronics, and syringes/lancets.

Mail-in program.

Learn More

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