NOTICE 4/5/2024 @ 7:30am: North Kent Waste & Recycling Center is in the final stretch of its expansion construction. Our recycling drop-off stations at this site have been temporarily moved — click here for the details. Stay tuned here on our website or our social media for updates!

Paper, Paperboard, Magazines, and Cardboard

Accepted at Kent County Recycling & Education Center


  • Paper
  • Junk mail and envelopes
  • Paper bags
  • Magazines or newspapers
  • Paperboard cereal and cracker boxes
  • Phone books or soft cover books
  • Paper egg cartons
  • Towel/toilet paper tubes
  • Flattened cardboard
  • Hot and cold paper cups
  • Clean pizza boxes (no food or grease residue)


  1. Remove any plastic strapping, bags, packaging, or foam from the paper container. Plastic windows on envelopes are okay but not preferred. Be sure to double check for food, like pizza crusts, and tear off any greasy parts of paperboard/cardboard container. Minimal tape & staples are okay.
  2. Flatten paperboard or cardboard containers. Be sure the cardboard is no larger than 2 foot by 2 foot–if it is please make it smaller.
  3. Toss in the recycling bin





  • TANGLERS–long rolls or sections of paper (butcher paper), gift wrap/wrapping paper, box strapping
  • Laminated paper (photos/photographs/photography paper), stickers/sticker paper, tissue paper, paper that is dirty or greasy including napkins or paper plates, hard cover books, hard cover or spiral bound notebooks, 3-ring binders (three ring binders), thermal receipt paper, shredded paper (even if bagged)


  • Each ton of paper made from recycled fibers instead of virgin fibers conserves 7,000 gallons of water, 17-31 trees, 4,000 KWh of electricity, 60 pounds of air pollutants.
  • In 2019, Kent County recycled enough paper to equal 288,000 trees!


Community Resources

Below you will find businesses and community outlets that may accept this item/material.