NOTICE 4/5/2024 @ 7:30am: North Kent Waste & Recycling Center is in the final stretch of its expansion construction. Our recycling drop-off stations at this site have been temporarily moved — click here for the details. Stay tuned here on our website or our social media for updates!

Election or Yard Signs

Plastic election or yard signs cannot be recycled through curbside recycling programs or our single-stream drop-off recycling stations due to their shape and size.

HOWEVER corrugated plastic election or yard signs (graduation, political, issue support, business promotion such as roofing, painting, fencing, or home services) can be recycled at a special collection bin. Corrugated plastic have gaps between the layers of plastic that you can see along the edge of the sign where as other types of plastic signs that are not corrugated cannot be recycled or placed in the special collection bin.


  • Gather your corrugated plastic signs for recycling
  • Head to Kent County Recycling and Education Center and locate the special collection bins marked with “Election and Yard Sign Recycling” signs
  • Disassemble your sign into its separate components; metal stand/legs and the plastic sign
    • Place each of the components, separately, into its designated material bin

Community Resources

Below you will find businesses and community outlets that may accept this item/material.

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