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Looking for Materials Management Planning Committee Members

September 12, 2023

Last year, the State of Michigan amended Part 115, Solid Waste Management of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994, PA 451. Each county in Michigan is required by law to create a Materials Management Plan (MMP) that assures adequate materials management capacity for all non-hazardous solid waste generated in the county.

Learn more about the Materials Management Plan:
EGLE’s Materials Management Plan Quick Guide

Materials management planning is a program designed to guide the management of materials, with an emphasis on increasing sustainable practices, such as recycling and composting, in addition to ensuring safe disposal options. These materials can include food waste, yard clippings, recyclables, other source separated materials, and solid waste. Part 115 establishes statewide recycling goals and standards, and the MMP will identify an implementation strategy to meet those goals.

Part of the MMP process is forming a Materials Management Planning Committee that will guide the preparation of the plan, identify relevant local policies and priorities, and ensure the plan fulfills all the requirements for both content and public process. The application to be a member of the Materials Management Planning Committee is available on the county’s website: Materials Management Planning Committee Application

Materials Management Planning Committee Member Requirements:
• A solid waste disposal facility operator.
• A representative of a hauler of managed material.
• A materials recovery facility operator.
• A composting facility or anaerobic digestor operator.
• A waste diversion, reuse, or reduction facility operator.
• A representative of an environmental interest group that has members residing in the planning area.
• An elected official of the county.
• An elected official of a township.
• An elected official of a city or village.
• A representative of a business that generates a managed material.
• A representative of the regional planning agency whose territory includes the planning area



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