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Michigan Green Schools

An opportunity to recognize a school’s efforts and bring more awareness to students.

Saving energy and recycling have become a way of life for schools, businesses, and homes. The Michigan Green Schools Program is an opportunity to recognize a school’s efforts and bring more sustainability awareness to students.

To become a certified Michigan Green School, download the application, review and follow the directions, and submit your application checklist after finishing the activities.

Application Deadline: March 1, 2022. 


All About the Michigan Green Schools Program

Michigan Green Schools is a statewide, non-profit program with the goal of assisting and encouraging schools to build environmental awareness and take action each school year.  Visit the official site HERE!


Levels of Certification:

  • Green: complete at least 10 items on the application
  • Emerald: complete at least 15 items on the application
  • Evergreen: complete 20 or more items on the application

Certified schools receive the patch of the year to attach to their Michigan Green Schools flag.  First-time certified schools receive a flag along with the patch.  Replacement flags may be ordered at a cost.

Application Process

Make a Plan for the Year:

  • Sample planning document coming soon

Submit the “Other” Activities Approval Form by December 1:

Submit the Application by March 1:

Sample Application:

  • Coming soon


Michigan Green School Program FAQ's

When do I need to submit my school’s application?

  • Applications may be submitted anytime between January 1 and March 1.  Applications submitted after March 1 will not be accepted for the school year.

Do I have to fill out an “Other” document?

  • Yes, if you have a new activity that has not been approved in previous year then you need to fill out the document to ensure that your activity will count towards your application.
  • No, if you have had an activity approved in previous applications and you are either continuing that activity or updating that activity, you do not need to fill out the document.

What are some common mistakes that other schools have made on applications?

  • Under Category 1: Recycling, A: Recycling Program for at least 2 of the following: Please check every box for which your school has a recycling program. However, no matter how many boxes are checked, letter A is only worth 1 point. It is not 1 point for every 2 boxes checked.
  • If you use a lesson/field trip/special speaker/activity for one Category and Letter, you may not use the same one for another Category and Letter, even if the activity applies to more than one check box.
  • Do an extra point (or two)!  One or two extra criteria points help to ensure that your school meets the minimum requirements for your Green School level just in case a previous point doesn’t apply.
  • For activity ideas, visit

I still have questions.  Who can I contact?

  • Kent County’s Michigan Green Schools coordinator is Lauren Westerman.