NOTICE 4/5/2024 @ 7:30am:  North Kent Waste & Recycling Center is in the final stretch of its expansion construction. Our recycling drop-off stations at this site have been temporarily moved — click here for the details. Stay tuned here on our website or our social media for updates!


The following EcoKits are available to schools and other community groups at no cost.

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EcoKits are available for free to schools and other community groups.
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The following EcoKits are free. Kits are generally loaned out for 1-2 week periods. Other arrangements may be possible, depending on demand. Pick up kits at our office in Grand Rapids:

Kent County DPW
977 Wealthy St. SW
Mon-Fri (7:30 AM-4:30 PM)

Composting 101

Instructions and some materials are included to guide you as you set up composting in your classroom.

Musical Recycling

After creating instruments out of recyclable materials, have your own concert and do some recycling karaoke!

Recycled Crayon Kit

Crayons take many years to decompose in a landfill. Rather than throwing away crayon stubs, melt them down to make new crayons in fun shapes! We’ll supply crock-pots and molds, you supply the crayon stubs. If you have an oven, crockpots may not be necessary. Additional adult helpers may be required.

Paper-making Kit

By recycling paper we can reduce the number of trees used to produce new paper. We supply the blenders and screens for making paper, you supply the paper scraps and water! This is a great activity to try outside on picnic tables (electricity required). Try making special occasion cards or make your own paper for the next writing assignment in class!

Steel Can Lantern Kit

Empty steel cans are great to teach “reuse” to your students! We’ll supply the hammers and nails, you supply the cans so your students can make their own “lanterns.” Create beautiful nighttime decorations out of old steel cans. Makes a great gift for parents!