Kettle Lake Elementary – Musical Art: Dream It… Make It

April 6, 2016

Kettle Lake - Musical ArtThe 1st and 2nd graders at our school put on a music program called Save the Earth to teach our parents why recycling is important and how we can do it. Everything for the show was made out of recycled, returnable, or repurposed things. It was fun to find different things we could use to make our instruments really COOL! We even put an old plastic Easter egg inside one of the paper towel rolls with stuff inside it for a surprise rattle. We worked hard and were very creative. Then we played our instruments in the Recycled Band during the Recycle Rap. Everyone loved our instruments!!! We are helping everyone at KL recycle, repurpose, and rethink their trash.

Recyclable Materials: paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, packaging cardboard rolls, plastic water bottles, lids

Non-recyclable Materials: tape, staples, glue, crayon

Repurposed Items: bow from a birthday present, jingle bells from a broken decoration, beads leftover from a project, items from the “odds and ends” art box, plastic Easter egg from hunt

Artists: Sasha A., Kohl B., Carley S.

Grade: 2nd

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