Kent County DPW: 1,800 used tires recycled at free collection event – Fox 17

November 17, 2022
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A total of 1,800 tires were collected in Kent County during a free recycling event this month.

The Kent County Department of Public Works (DPW) says the event was held at Grand Rapids SafeChem on Nov. 12.

The number collected is enough to load two semitrailers and a 40-yard dumpster, according to county officials.

“This was by far our most successful tire recycling event. We’re thankful to the Kent County community for participating and are happy to know 1,800 old tires from our community will be put to better use after being properly recycled,” says Resource Recovery and Recycling Manager Nic VanderVinne. “We encourage all Kent County residents to properly recycle their used tires to help ensure they are safely disposed of.”

We’re told used tires are often discarded illegally because trash collectors don’t accept them and landfills don’t take them unless they are shredded beforehand.

County officials warn tires can become a fire hazard if disposed improperly.

DPW adds tires can be recycled for $4–6 throughout the year at the North Kent and South Kent Waste and Recycling Centers.

Visit DPW’s website for more on disposal fees and future events.

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