Holy Spirit School – Reggie Model

April 6, 2016

Holy Spirit - R3-G4R3-G4 (Reggie) was born in 2016, in Art class. Students were given a challenge to come up with an idea, in groups, for a recycled project. Our group called ourselves Mad Jas, which is formed from a mixup of our initials.

One of our group members was reading The Star Wars Trilogy when we were given this challenge. He brought up the idea of creating R2-D2, because he is a hero in the Star Wars series. Everyone in the group loved this idea, so we started adding suggestions until we had our final idea. Now, we needed a name!

After arguing, one of the team members suggested using R3 instead of R2. We asked them why, and he said R3 for the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. We decided it was perfect. After experimenting a little more with the name, we came to a conclusion that R3-G4 sounded better than R3-D2. So, R3-G4 was named. Then another team member started sounding out the words and letters together. They said, “Reggie, because R and G are the only letters and R and G make a ‘reg’ sound, and ‘reg’ is short for Reggie.” The other members agreed that it was a suitable name.

The materials we used were: colored construction paper, tin foil, paper mache’, plastic fruit cups, cardboard, glass bottles, paper towel tubes, styrofoam, tape and lots of hot glue. All of these materials were found-objects that often are just thrown into the garbage. We thought we could create something instead of just throwing so much garbage away.

Artists: Seamus A., James D., Andrew M.

Grade: 5th

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