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Grand View Elementary – Santa's Visit

April 6, 2016

Grand View - Santa's ProjectRecyclable Materials: toilet paper rolls, cardboard, paper, tree branches

Non-recyclable Materials: cotton, glue, paint

Artist: Alexis J.

Grade: 4th

[secondary submissions from the same school]

Grand View - Bird

Title: Bird

Recyclable Material: empty paper towel perch, milk jugs, paper box

Non-recyclable Material: cello tape

Artist: Gurmeen Kaur

Grade: 3rd


Grand View - The S.S. Tiny and S.S. Mini

Title: The S.S. Tiny/S.S. Mini

Recyclable Materials: cardboard boxes, toilet paper rolls

Non-recyclable Materials: tape, old ear plugs

Artists: Evan Korncelle, Ian Hsu

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