North Kent Recycling & Waste Center

2908 10 Mile Rd, Rockford, MI 49341

The North Kent Recycling & Waste Center is designed to transfer waste to a solid waste landfill and recyclables to our Recycling & Education Center. The waste is placed on a concrete floor, compacted and then loaded into a transfer trailer and transported to a solid waste landfill while recycling dropped off in designated bins is loaded into a separate trailer that goes to the Kent County Recycling Center.

The transfer station provides a convenient means for self-haul disposal for residents and commercial haulers in the northern half of Kent County. The proximity of this facility helps keep refuse costs lower for residents in the rural areas by keeping haulers’ transportation costs lower.


Mailing Address

Kent County DPW
P.O. Box 2504
Grand Rapids, MI 49501


2908 Ten Mile Rd Rockford, MI 49341


(616) 632-7920


DPW Holiday Hours


Hours of Service:

Monday-Saturday 7:30am-5:00pm

Individuals disposing of waste after operating hours may be subject to an After Hours Service Fee

Services Offered Here

• Trash disposal services for residential/business drop-off and curbside collection by licensed Waste Haulers

Residential Recycling Drop-Off Station

Electronics Recycling Drop-Off
CRT devices or electronics that contain refrigerant/Freon have a recycling charge/fee (see Disposal Fees below).

Holiday String Light Recycling

Appliance Recycling

SafeChem / Household Hazardous Waste Disposal
Select days and hours only – find out more via the link above.

2022 Disposal Fees

Terms of payment: cash, check, or credit card. Additional 3% convenience fee added when using a credit card. Visa, MasterCard, and Discover only.

Prohibited Items 2022 Waste & Recycling Disposal Fees

Kent County Department of Public Works reserves the right to accept or reject any waste at any of our facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are residents allowed to use this facility?

Yes, all of the services at this site are available to residents. Please double-check our facility hours, location address, and recycling & disposal fees to be prepared for your visit.

At the scalehouse (the small building next to the in-ground scales), scalehouse attendants will assist you with your transaction and where to go during your visit.

How much is it to dispose/recycle ______?

Single-stream Recycling:

Residents utilizing recycling drop-off stations for recyclables are not charged a service fee at this time. Our recycling drop-off stations are for residential recyclables only (cardboard, plastic jugs/tubs/containers, paper, metal cans, etc.) no foam or film/flexible plastic packaging or commercial recyclables please. Click here for our Recycling Guide!

Other recycling and waste disposal services:

Please reference our 2021 Disposal Fees for current disposal prices. Prices are determined by the previously mentioned document (based on vehicle load/weight and item category) at the scalehouse (the small building next to the in-ground scales) by our scalehouse attendants who will assist you with your transaction and where to go during your visit. Below are examples:

EXAMPLE 1: you use your truck to haul your old mattress and box spring to our site for disposal. You would pay a total of $20.00 ($10 per mattress/box spring).

EXAMPLE 2: you use your truck to haul your old mattress and box spring to our site for disposal. You also loaded the truck with random items that were hanging around your place that also needed to be thrown away. You would pay $20.00 ($10 per mattress/box spring) plus the fee for municipal solid waste truck load ($30.00) for a total of $50.00.

EXAMPLE 3: you are a northern Kent county curbside waste hauler that has a truck full of municipal solid waste. You would pay the weight difference (after incoming and outgoing weights) multiplied by that site’s rate per ton.