Locations & Hours

Facilities include the Recycling & Education Center, Waste-to-Energy Facility, North Kent Recycling & Waste Center and South Kent Recycling & Waste Center.

Facilities & Locations

Administrative Offices

DPW is an enterprise fund of Kent County established by the Board of Commissioners to provide solid waste management services to Kent County.

Sustainable Business Park

A developing space that would help the Kent County Department of Public Works achieve its goal of diverting 90% of Kent County-generated trash away from landfills by 2030 by attracting businesses to localize the entire recycling process, generating and using renewable energy, and providing critical infrastructure to support a regional circular economy.

SafeChem Collection Sites

Residents can responsibly dispose of household hazardous waste items for free at SafeChem Collection sites around Kent County on various days of the week.

Recycling Drop-Off Stations

Residents can bring recyclable materials to a drop-off station for free, or they can participate in recycling by hiring a waste hauler to provide a curbside container for recycling.

Recycling & Education Center

Serves as the primary materials recovery facility for residential recyclables generated in homes throughout West Michigan.

North Kent Recycling & Waste Center

Receives solid waste from waste haulers and individuals and transports it a landfill.

South Kent Recycling & Waste Center

Receives municipal solid waste from waste haulers and individuals and incinerator ash from the WTE Facility.

Waste to Energy Facility

The WTE facility incinerates non-hazardous solid wastes from municipal and commercial operations, generating up to 16 megawatts of electricity.

Kentwood, Sparta, North Kent Landfills

Closed landfills which Kent County oversees through monitoring and post-closure management in accordance with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and/or United States Environmental Protection Agency.

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