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Don’t Be Too Cool for School

June 13, 2018

Schools out! Extra time at home = more opportunity to get into things! If you have little kids or big kids at home this summer, now is a good time to make sure your home is kid friendly and safe. Here’s the run down of Healthy Home Safety Tips!

Tip #1: Accidents happen. We all have cleaning products for the spilled milk, dog accidents, and other surprises in our lives! That may mean keeping cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink. Easily accessible to you, though, is also easily accessible to the kids! Lock it up.

Tip #2: Summer time and play time go hand in hand! Many of us use lawn chemicals to make our yards a more pleasant place to play – fewer bugs, less weeds, fuller grass. Did you know that many of these say to limit contact with grass for a period of time after application? Make sure you follow all safety and application instructions as well as store them in a lockable container.

Tip #3: Have last year’s old gasoline mixes and lawn products to get rid of? Declutter your garage and bring those items to one of Kent County’s SafeChem drop off locations. for locations and hours.

Tip #4: Many medications look like candy.

  • gummy bears or vitamins?
  • Tic Tac’s or ibuprofen?
  • antacids or Sweet Tarts?

Don’t let your meds get into the wrong hands by waiting months or even years to dispose of them. If you need them, safely secure them. If you don’t, safely dispose of them through Kent County’s free SafeMeds program. There are MANY convenient drop locations for controlled and non-controlled medications. Visit for a location near you.

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