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Kent County Solid Waste Surcharge

What is it?

The “Kent County Solid Waste Surcharge” or “County Surcharge” is a fee added to all solid waste generated in Kent County. If you live in Kent County or have a business in Kent County and generate trash, the fee will apply to you.

What will the surcharge funds be used for?

Funds will help pay for the ongoing expenses associated with closed landfills and the operations for proper disposal of household chemicals such as pesticides, paints, cleaners, automotive care, used oil and other hazardous wastes.

The now-closed landfills were open and operated (and in most cases, ceased operation) before monitoring and cleanup funds were required to be set aside to cover long-term care of these facilities. We expect to monitor and maintain three closed landfills for 30 more years.

Annual surcharge reports:
2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022

How much is the surcharge?

The current surcharge amount is $1.68 per ton on solid waste (refuse) generated in Kent County. Residential trash customers will see a $1.68 per year charge added to their trash bill. Commercial customers will have the surcharge added based on the tons or cubic yards of refuse generated.

When did it start?

The surcharge started in January 2016.

Information on the proposed revisions to the surcharge amount:

Presentation from August 1, 2019 Board of Public Works meeting

Who can I call with questions?

Anyone with questions can contact the Kent County Department of Public Works at 616.632.7920.