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Kent County DPW helps Ford Airport recycle more!

April 22, 2019

The next time you travel you may notice new recycling bins throughout the airport terminal facility, an effort to create an even more environmentally friendly space at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport (GFIA).

Working with Kent County DPW, GFIA placed 20 new recycling receptacles throughout the airport terminal building today, working with Kent County to use the SORT program – a Kent County/City of Grand Rapids collaboration aimed at bringing a cohesive and recognizable look to trash and recycling receptacles in West Michigan. The stoplight color scheme – red for trash, yellow for recycling, and green for composting (where organic collection services are available) familiarizes people with the concept of separating their discards to reduce waste going for disposal. Kent County’s goal is to reduce landfilled waste by 20-percent by 2020, and 90-percent by 2030.
“We’re happy to help GFIA install waste receptacles that use the colors and shapes in the SORT program to help simplify recycling for visitors. It’s a great way to reduce how much is sent to landfills and Kent County’s Waste to Energy facility,” said Darwin Baas, Kent County’s DPW Director. “Recycling is as important as it has ever been and it’s something we can all do to benefit our community.”

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