The Kent County Recycling Center and Kent County Recycling Drop-Off stations will be temporarily closed from for replacement of the disc screen equipment used to sort paper from the rest of the mixed recyclables coming from the West Michigan area.

Why are the Recycling Center and Drop-Off Stations temporarily closed?

The Kent County Recycling Center has scheduled upgrades to improve efficiency and quality by replacing the mechanical screens used to sort paper. Renovations at the Recycling center will take place starting Monday, Feb. 24 and are planned to last until Friday, March 13. Recycling Drop-off stations will be closed beginning Saturday, Feb. 22 and will remain so until Saturday, March 14. During this time the facility must be fully shut down and will be unable to process and accept recycling materials, from both curbside and drop-off locations, for processing while new equipment is installed.

The scheduled shutdown is necessary so we can replace the paper screens that separate paper from plastic and metal. The original paper screens have had more than 230,000 tons of recyclables pass over them in their ten years of operation. The new screens will require less daily downtime for maintenance because of the anti-wrap design and help ensure the facility remains a reliable outlet for processing recyclables in West Michigan.

How does the temporary closure affect me?

Both the Grand Rapids and Rockford Recycling Drop-Off Stations will be closed from February 22 through March 14, 2020 and you will not be able to bring recycling to either location.

If you have curbside recycling services, your waste hauler (whichever private company or municipality that collects your recycling) will decide what they will do with any recyclables put out for collection, so it is best to contact your waste hauler to find out their plan. Options for waste haulers could span a range of possibilities: they could take any collected recyclables to the Waste to Energy Facility or the landfill, or to another recycling center if that center has the capacity to take more recyclables HOWEVER each waste hauler is making their own choice on where to go during the outage.

Residents are welcome to hold their recyclables until the outage is over but we know that this may not be the best option if space is limited (EX: apartment tenants). So we’re encouraging residents to plan ahead by utilizing their curbside service and recycling station drop-offs as much as possible up until February 22nd to free up space if they plan to hold their recyclables and to seek out other outlets for some of the material (EX: PaperGator) during the outage if necessary.

We understand the outage is inconvenient; residents are welcome to hold their recycling until the outage is over or ask their waste hauler for guidance.

When are the Recycling Center and Drop-Off Stations expected to re-open?

The Kent County Recycling Center is expected to reopen and resume normal operations and recycling processing on March 16.

Real-time updates on the progress of the paper disc screen installation will be posted on our Facebook page and website (this page — see “Updates” section below).

For more information on the temporary closure of the Kent County Recycling Center, please reference the press release.


Last updated 2/5/2020