Recycling Drop-Off Stations

If you don’t have access to recycling where you live or you have a more than will fit in your cart…

How can I recycle in Kent County, MI?

Curbside Recycling Services

Collecting recyclables at the curb or on-site where they’re generated creates the smallest environmental footprint and is the most efficient and effective method of collection. Residents and businesses can have recycling picked up by hiring a waste hauler. Costs and services for recycling collection vary based on the level of service (weekly/biweekly, bundled with other services, etc.), transportation costs (distance to the processing facility) and number of customers on your street that are signed up by the same hauler. Curbside recycling in your area may not be available from all companies but most areas of Kent County are serviced by at least one waste hauler.

For residents and businesses in the City of Grand Rapids, curbside recycling is provided by the City to anyone with access to a public street. Contact the City of Grand Rapids to sign up

Apartments, Condos, & Multi-Family Complexes

Kent County is offering a recycling grant program for property managers at apartment and condo complexes in Kent County. Potential tenants will find value in having on-site recycling services. Recycling helps reduce waste going for disposal and puts valuable plastic, metal, paper and glass back into our economy as new products. Property managers should contact Kent County DPW for more details on this limited-time grant program. 

Recycling Drop-Off Stations

Recycling drop-off stations are available to people who do not have access to recycling where they live. Before heading out to one, check out our list of what’s acceptable for recycling. Leaving anything outside the containers or putting anything inside that isn’t accepted is considered illegal dumping. If you have questions about what is recyclable, or need to find out where to recycle something that is not listed, email us or check the Recycling & Disposal Guide.


GRAND RAPIDS RECYCLING STATION @ Recycling & Education Center

977 Wealthy SW
Grand Rapids, MI 49504
Monday-Fridays 7:30am-5:00pm

Closed Holidays

What can I bring here?


ROCKFORD RECYCLING STATION @ North Kent Transfer Station

2908 Ten Mile Rd.
Rockford, MI 49341
Monday-Saturdays 7:30am-5:00pm

Closed Holidays

What can I bring here?


KENTWOOD RECYCLING STATION @ Kentwood Public Works Facility

NOTICE: This mixed recyclables site closed permanently on June 30, 2019.

HOWEVER, the SafeChem/Household Hazardous Waste program remains open at this location on select days.

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