Plastics we can recycle at Kent County Recycling & Education Center:

Hard-sided (rigid) plastic containers including milk jugs, water bottles, laundry detergent jugs, coffee containers, yogurt cups, butter or margarine tubs, and more.
To recycle these items:

1. wash clean
2. put cap back on
3. toss in the recycling bin!

Caps are now recyclable as long as they’re attached to the container and labels are OK – you don’t need to remove them!

We cannot recycle:

TANGLERS – anything stringy, like hoses, tarps, tubing

HAZARDOUS MATERIALS – anything that held hazardous liquids, powders or gases (like motor oil or pesticide); medical waste including IV bags

UNACCEPTABLE FOR OUR FACILITY – electronics; anything larger than 2’x2′ including kids toys, pools, pipes, sheets of plastic, six-pack rings, pool covers, tarps; foam containers and packaging material; dirty or unwashed products like disposable plastic plates; plastic silverware; plastic straws; plastic clothing hangers; non-rigid plastics such as toothpaste tubes or disposable plastic gloves.

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