Paper, paperboard and magazines we can recycle at Kent County Recycling & Education Center:

Papers, envelopes, paper bags, magazines, cereal & cracker boxes, phone books, soft cover books, newspapers, paper egg cartons, paper towel tubes & shredded paper in a tied, clear plastic bag.

To recycle these items:
1. remove plastic bags and discard them (except for shredded paper)
2. shred only what is necessary and place shredding in clear plastic bag and tie shut
3. toss in the recycling bin!

We cannot recycle:

UNACCEPTABLE FOR OUR FACILITY – paper that is laminated; photos/photographs/photography paper; sticker paper/stickers; gift wrap (wrapping paper) and tissue paper; paper that is dirty or greasy including napkins and paper plates; paper cups; hard cover books; hard cover or spiral bound notebooks; 3-ring binders (three ring binders); thermal receipt paper.

A note about shredded paper: Shredded paper is very difficult to capture for recycling. Please shred only what is necessary and leave as much of the paper intact as possible so it is more likely to be recovered for recycling.