Recycling & Education Center

The primary materials recovery facility for residential recyclables generated in homes throughout West Michigan.


Mailing Address

Kent County DPW
P.O. Box 2504
Grand Rapids, MI 49501


977 Wealthy SW Grand Rapids, MI 49504


(616) 632-7920


DPW Holiday Hours


Processing Hours:

Monday-Friday 7:30am-5:00pm

Residential Recycling & Electronics Drop-off Station (open to public):

Monday-Friday: 7:00am – 5:00pm; Closed Saturday & Sunday

Self-guided Tours:

During Reimagine Trash Open Hours, on Mondays from 1:00pm-5:00pm;

Guided Tours:

Can be requested appointment only; normally on Mondays-Fridays: 8:00am-4:00pm

Services Offered Here

• Curbside Residential Recycling Sorting & Processing for licensed Waste Haulers

Residential Recycling Drop-Off Station

Electronics Recycling Drop-Off
No CRT devices or electronics that contain refrigerant/Freon.

Holiday String Light Recycling

Educational Programming & Tours

Individuals disposing of waste after operating hours may be subject to
After Hours Service Fee.

After Hours Service Fee

After closing hours we refuse the admittance of any additional customers. Customers that remain on the premises and are not done dumping by our closing time, a surcharge will be added to the tipping fee. This will cover all extra manpower and equipment costs that are incurred by the Department of Public Works. This is our policy and we can make NO EXCEPTIONS. The surcharge fees are currently as follows:

Up to 15 minutes = $45
16-30 minutes = $90
31-45 minutes = $135
46-60 minutes = $180
For each additional unit time increment add $45.

Kent County’s Recycling & Education Center serves as the primary materials recovery facility for residential recyclables generated in homes throughout West Michigan. A materials recovery facility, or MRF (murf), is a processing facility where recycling from curbside bins and drop-off recycling centers is sorted and prepared to be sold to processors and end-users. Nearly 58 million pounds of recyclables were delivered to the facility in 2017. These materials were put back into our economy as feedstock for new products like cereal boxes, glass bottles, toys, packaging, clothing, park benches and more.

Kent County has education staff that promote recycling and activities that minimize waste. The Resource Recovery Program educate residents about recycling and waste and offer resources that will assist residents in safe disposal options for discards that are mindful of environmental impacts. These staff members also provide tours at the Recycling & Education Center and other solid waste facilities operated by the Kent County Department of Public Works.

What types of things can I place in my recycling bin?
  • Step 1: Check with your waste hauler (whoever picks up your recyclables and trash) to see where they deliver the recyclables to be processed
    • If they deliver your recyclables to Kent County Recycling Center, you’ll want to follow our rules (see below).
    • If they deliver your recyclables to another facility, you’ll want to contact that facility for their recycling rules. Recycling rules may vary place-to-place based on sorting equipment available and downstream processors buying sorted recyclables.
    • **NOTE: not all recyclables within Kent County are deliver to Kent County Recycling Center — the waste hauler decides where they deliver their trash and recyclables to.
  • Step 2: Below is the most recent version of our Recycling Guide. All recyclables should be clean, empty, and loose (not bagged).

  • Step 3: If you have questions about specific items (labels, caps, etc.), be sure to reference the Accepted Materials page for additional information as well as our Waste & Recycling Directory for items that can be reused, can’t be placed in your recycling bin but could still be recycled at a specialty recycler, or responsibly disposed off.
Where do my recyclables go after they are sorted at your facility?
All of the recyclables that we successfully sort and bale at our Recycling Center stay in the Great Lakes region for downstream processing at paper-mills, smelters, and polymer factors.

Annual Recycling Reports

2020 Service Fees

Terms of payment: cash, check, or credit card. Additional 3% convenience fee added when using a credit card. Visa, MasterCard, and Discover only.

By Material Rate Per Ton
Kent County-Generated Recyclables $65
Non-Kent County-Generated Recyclables $70
Transfer Trailers $75

The service fee at the Recycling & Education Center is charged to commercial haulers and those with service contracts who bring bulk recyclables over the scale and deposit them directly on the processing floor. Residents utilizing recycling drop-off stations for small quantities of recyclables are not charged a service fee at this time. To inquire about a service contract at this facility, please call 616.632.7920 and speak to the Recycling Manager.

For more information about the cost of recycling, read here.

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